Motorcycle Insurance ACT

ACT Insurance that's as individual as you are

InsureMyRide gives you a great price because you choose the cover you need. Then we throw in genuine premium discounts like a 25% discount off your premium for buying online.  We also offer additional cover for your gear – like your riding leathers, boots and helmet or other things like sunglasses or your laptop. It's up to you. So if you live in the ACT, check out your choices.

InsureMyRide Comprehensive Insurance
This is the one with the lot! InsureMyRide comprehensive insurance covers you if you have an accident (no matter whose fault). You're also covered if your bike gets stolen.

InsureMyRide Theft Insurance
If some mongrel steals your bike, you’re covered with InsureMyRide theft insurance.

InsureMyRide Third Party Insurance
Third Party covers you for the damage caused to someone else's property if you have an accident.

We respect your decision to ride - now find the cover that suits you best

InsureMyRide understands what riders go through - because we only do motorcycle insurance for riders. Plus we make the process straightforward (unlike some others) and give you the flexibility to choose the cover you want.  From Canberra to Lawson, InsureMyRide offers you a choice of ACT motorcycle insurance options.  You'll find InsureMyRide gives you premium discounts and plain Aussie, easy-to-understand insurance policies that you can rely on and ride on.

Riding gear and personal valuables cover options

With InsureMyRide you can also choose additional cover for your riding gear up to a total of $5,000. We can also insure your personal valuables - like your sunnies or MP3 player for their value up to the tune of $2000 if they're damaged or stolen when you’re out for a ride.

Click on an insurance policy to find out more:

    Insure My Ride - Comprehensive Insurance

    Insure My Ride - 3rd Party Insurance

    Insure My Ride - Theft Insurance

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