Cover Details

What types of policies do you offer?

InsureMyRide offers three types of policies: Comprehensive, Third Party Property Damage and Theft Only Insurance. If you're not sure which policy is right for you, take a look at our policy comparison chart.

Do you offer Agreed Value or Market Value?

We offer a Fixed Market Value policy. We determine the market value of the bike when the policy is taken up and agree to hold that value for the full 12 months of the policy.

Do I need to make you aware of any modifications I make to my motorcycle?

Yes you will need to let us know if you plan to make any modifications to your motorcycle as not all modifications are acceptable. Therefore, it is best to check first. If you wish to contact us about modifications to your motorcycle you can do so through the 'contact us' page. We can also include up to $2000 for additional modifications, accessories or optional extras.

Can I cover accessories and optional extras that are on my bike or have purchased?

Yes. You can include up to $2000 for additional modifications, accessories or optional extras.To cover optional extras or accessories (such as a windscreen, top box or optional ABS or traction control) you would need to say ‘yes’ the bike is modified and select the dollar amount you want to cover when completing the quote or 'contact us' to add amounts to an existing policy.

Can I insure my riding gear & helmet?

InsureMyRide offers up to $5,000 optional cover for riding gear and up to $2,000 optional cover for personal valuables under their three insurance cover types: Comprehensive, Third Party and Theft.

Do you offer a discount for insuring multiple bikes?

We don't have a multiple vehicle discount - however we acknowledge you can only ride one bike at a time and therefore the risk and premium are lower, based on the usage. You will have to take up a policy for each bike you own.

Are others covered to ride my bike?

Yes. Other riders who are legally licensed to ride your bike are covered; however additional excesses to your policy, based on age & riding experience, may apply. Please see the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording for exclusions relating to licence suspensions, criminal convictions and insurance history.

Can I transfer my maximum no claims bonus from my car insurance policy and keep it protected?

Yes you can transfer your no claim bonus / rating. If you wish to contact us about your no claim bonus you can do so through the 'contact us' page. Please note that InsureMyRide does NOT offer NCB protection.

Can I get a discount if I have any security devices fitted?

We offer a discount if your bike is fitted with any of the following: A hardwired immobiliser, alarm system or tracking device or Data Dot security on your bike. Disc locks, padlocked chains or cables do not qualify for a discount.

Am I covered to ride other motorcycles?

You are only covered for riding the motorcycle listed on your insurance policy.

Are other riders covered to ride my bike?

Unlisted riders will be covered under the policy, however they must meet the same conditions as you i.e. in the last 5 years have had no licence suspensions, no more than 3 at fault motor claims, and they must be licensed to ride your bike and have your permission. Additional excesses may apply depending on their age and experience.

If the accident is not my fault do I have to pay my excess?

If you have the name, address, phone and rego details of the party at fault and we agree that they are at fault, we will waive your excess. If liability is in dispute (which is common at the start of the claim) you will need to pay your excess. If a successful recovery is made then we will refund your excess to you.


Who owns insuremyride.com.au?

InsureMyRide is a wholly owned subsidiary of Suncorp - one of Australia’s largest publicly-listed insurance and financial services businesses. Insurance issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 AFSL 230859 trading as InsureMyRide.

Does insuremyride.com.au sell products for other insurance companies?

No. InsureMyRide is specifically aimed for Australian motorcycle riders and owners.

Do I need to hold a current motorcycle licence to get insurance with InsureMyRide?

You need to hold a current Australian motorcycle licence to insure any Registered bike. We realise that you don’t need a licence to ride an unregistered Dirt bike, so we can insure your Dirt bike even if you don’t have an Australian motorcycle licence.

Do you insure track-bikes or unregistered Road bikes?

No. We do not insure any unregistered road bikes including those used only for racing or track days.

Am I covered if I'm not legally licensed to ride this bike?

No, you will not be covered if you are not licensed to ride the bike (this includes anyone you let ride your bike).

Can I get insurance if I've lost my licence?

We do not offer insurance to riders who have had their Car or Bike licence cancelled or suspended within the last 5 years. (This does not include fine-default suspensions for unpaid parking/traffic fines). If you are unsure you can contact InsureMyRide through the 'contact us' page.

I cannot find my bike on your list. Do you insure all bike makes?

If the ‘make’ of bike does not show up on the drop-down list when getting a quote, we may not insure those types of bikes. If you need help selecting your bike you can contact InsureMyRide through the 'contact us' page.


How can I pay my premium?

We accept payment by your Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card only. You can pay your premium online either upfront Annually or by automatic Quarterly instalments (you select the frequency of payment at the end of the quote under ‘Payment Options’).We do not accept payments made by American Express or Diners, B Pay, cheque or direct deposit.. If you have difficulties you can contact InsureMyRide through the 'contact us' page.

Can I pay my premium monthly & does it cost more?

At present InsureMyRide does not offer monthly instalments. However, you are able to pay quarterly, by direct debit off your Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.

What happens if my instalment is rejected?

If your instalment payment is rejected by your bank we will contact you within seven days by email or post to advise you of the rejection. You will be out of cover if the payment remains unpaid after 14 days, and your policy will be cancelled if it remains unpaid after 30 days.


What do I do if I need to make a claim?

To make a claim with InsureMyRide, log into My Insurance and click on 'make a claim' and follow the prompts. Once you have completed the claim notification process you will be issued with a reference number and an InsureMyRide claims specialist will call you within business hours to take you through the next steps.

Do I need to advise you of claims and/or convictions if they relate to my car?

As your licence covers both your car and your motorcycle, you will need to disclose any convictions or claims, relating to either your car or motorcycle licence within the last 5 years.

If I lodge a claim are my repairs guaranteed?

If repairs are authorised by InsureMyRide, the workmanship on repairs is guaranteed for the life of the motorcycle whilst you remain the owner.


Your Guide to Premiums, Excesses, Discounts and Claims

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