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Drivers Need More 'Rider Education'

A new Australian specialist on-line insurer of bikes and scooters has come to the defence of two-wheel commuters, described recently as 'the new menace' on Australia's capital city roads.

InsureMyRide, says riders usually have a better perspective of shared road usage and its risks than car drivers.

"From our experience as an organisation that deals with and understands riders' issues, it is motorists rather than riders who need education on how to co-exist with other road users," said National Marketing Manager Mark Behr.

"The fact is that motorcycles and scooters have become so popular amongst urban Australian commuters over the past four to five years that they now form a major component of our traffic and play a valuable role in reducing vehicle densities and lowering overall fuel consumption.

"According to our research, 97 per cent of those who ride motorcycles and scooters also have a car, so they are well aware of the risks. They clearly have a two-way perspective. In contrast, car drivers who have never ridden rarely appreciate the riders' perspective".

"Perhaps if 97 per cent of motorists also rode a bike, this understanding may be different and there would be a lot fewer collisions!"

Mark Behr said InsureMyRide supported the further education of all road users.

"Rather than apportion blame, we would rather take a positive approach to the issue," he said.

"Every road user benefits from post-licence training and InsureMyRide offers a five per cent discount to riders of motorcycles and scooters who have completed an approved rider training course. A list of the approved training courses can be found on".

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