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Even in Australia, which doesn’t have a particularly long history of road building, the Gwydir Highway in northern NSW is a mere stripling. The last part of the main highway to be built was officially opened on the 9th of December… 1960. Even then there was bitumen on only 29 of its 73 miles.
That’s despite the road itself being quite old, by our standards – but on a different alignment.
Tasmania: Out of the Groove. insure my ride
If motorcycles wore a groove into the road, there’d be a really deep one from Devonport to Launceston to St Helens to Hobart to Strahan to Wynyard and back to Devonport. There would also be a shallower one up to Cradle Mountain Lodge and back, but the rest of Tasmania wouldn’t show much of a mark on the road at all. That’s a real shame.
motor bike insurance -Tasmania: B-ing there - Sixty kliks of fun
‘Ze B34’ joins the Tasman Highway on the east coast, halfway between Swansea and Cranebrook, to the Midland Highway at Campbell Town. It is part of the Heritage Highway and runs past the wonderfully named Lake Leake.
insuremyride Motorcycle rides - Tasmania: Queenstown
The pollution may have stripped Queenstown's hills of vegetation, but they never killed the fun of a ride to this Tassie biking Mecca.
 insure my ride Motorcycle rides Western Australia.
This obvious choice has some less obvious attractions...

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