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Scott has eyes on Privateer Championship despite setbacks

Scott has eyes on Privateer Championship despite setbacks image

Team InsureMyRide Racing’s Glenn Scott is in the hunt to secure the privateer title in the Australian Superbike Championship this weekend at Victoria’s Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, though the team haven’t been short of setbacks on track and off in the break since the last round in Darwin.

With two engine failures in the top end, the team appeared out of the running for the Championship, though the generosity from Prostock rider, Dustin Goldsmith helped Glenn secure some points in the final race. Since the event, a large scale effort from the team and external factory support has assisted Scott in making the grid this weekend.

“We struck a fair amount of bad luck in Darwin but everyone has their bad rounds in a season, we gave it everything we had as a team and we most certainly didn't leave disappointed with our efforts. It's been an insane two weeks trying to repair both bikes to be ready for the last round. We are still under the pump finishing them off but I have to thank my mechanic Adam Nolan for working hard to get one bike up and running.”

“As for my second bike I'd like to send a massive thank you to Motologic and Honda Australia for their amazing help in getting it up and running for the last round of the year. Phillip Island looked near impossible to make without their help,” Scott said.

The setbacks for Glenn haven’t been limited to his on-track preparation, with a road accident involving the Team InsureMyRide Racing Transporter in the last week forcing pressure onto the 21 year old in the days before the final round, though generosity surrounding Scott has again helped his chase for the silverware.

“I was hit by an oncoming car when I was returning to our workshop after picking up some late arriving freight from Darwin. I was extremely lucky to be unhurt but the impact was so great it has left the team without a transporter. I was fairly shaken up as it was a big impact and it certainly wasn't what we needed five days out from a championship deciding race.”

“Unbelievable support has been shown to help get us back on the road and thanks to the amazing generosity of Brett Ryan and Fiona Ryan (friends from dirt track racing) in lending the team their Sprinter Van which has got the team back on the road and in good spirits for the last round,” Scott added.

With everything in mind, Glenn remains focused on standing on top of the podium by Sunday afternoon, which will be a huge accomplishment for the family run team from the Central Coast.

“I have my eyes firmly on that privateer championship and I will be doing everything in my power to take that trophy home. Despite the setbacks we have come across we have kept on our feet and kept Phillip Island firmly in our sights. I'd like to thank everyone again who have helped making the last round a reality,” Scott concluded.

Round seven of the Australian Superbike Championship takes place at Phillip Island, VIC from October 4-6.

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