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InsureMyRide/Triumph Race Report- ASBK Supersport R5, Queensland Raceway

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ASBK Round 5

ASBK round 5

ASBK round 5

The InsureMyRide Aark Racing team transporter arrived at the track from Melbourne at 4:30 pm on Thursday afternoon. The first task was to unload the truck, which was achieved before the track closed at 6pm. 

We arrived early at the track on Friday. With the weather forecast predicting a wet weekend, Mike had to reprogram the engine management system to allow for more traction in the rain.    Andrew setup a spare rear shock for the conditions and when fitted we were ready for the first practise session. 

Mitch went out on the wet track taking it nice and easy for the first few laps before gradually increasing his lap times, recording a best time of 1:20.7 after seven laps. There was only 0.2 sec between the top four riders after the first practice session. Josh Hook recorded the best time followed by Brendan Clarke, Mike Jones and Mitch Carr.

The heavens opened up just after the start of the second practice and Mitch completed six laps with a time of 1:25.9. Glen Scott recorded the best time of P2 at 1:22.1 followed by Jaden Hassan and Josh Hook. With practice completed the team prepared the bikes for Saturday’s qualifying before returning to the hotel to dry out. 

The Saturday schedule was for two qualifying sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon followed by Superpole. 

The track was damp at the start of the first qualifying session and the top riders all went out on wets. With a drying track the decision was taken after nine laps to change bikes and to move to the bike setup for dry conditions. Mitch completed six laps in the dry and set a time of 1:16.49, which placed us in 4th position. Glenn Scott set the best time for Q1 of 1:15.56, Chris Quinn was 2nd with a time of 1:16.194 and Josh Hook 3rd at 1:16.265.  

The track was wet for the second qualifying session so the decision was made not to go out. No rider improved on the times set in the first session. 

The clouds got darker as the time drew closer to the start of Superpole with the heavens opening just before Mitch was due out resulting in cancellation of Superpole. Mitch had qualified fourth for Sunday’s races, which placed us on the front row, on the inside.  With both bikes running well there was little to do before heading back to the hotel.

Sunday morning started damp and all the teams chose wet tyres for the first race.  Mitch got away to a poor start due to the front starting to tuck on launch. Glenn Scott was first into turn one while the pursuing front-runners jostled for position, leaving Mitch in sixth.  Glenn Scott had gained a seven second lead by the end of the first lap and was followed by Josh Hook, Levi Day, Mike Jones and Mitch. 

By the end of the second lap Mitch had passed Mike Jones putting him in 4th and at the end of lap four he had moved up to 3rd passing Levi Day. Mitchell Carr was gaining on Josh Hook but there was nothing between 2nd and 4th positions.  Going into lap 8, Glenn Scott was way out in front followed by Josh Hook and Mitch. Mitch passed Josh on lap 8 and started to build a gap.  By the end of lap 10 Josh Hook had lost another position to Brodie Waters, who was now in 3rd behind Mitch and Glenn. On lap 15 Mitchell Carr put in the fastest lap of the race on the InsureMyRide Triumph, a time of 1:17.676.

Glenn Scott won the race with a time of 22:19.080 with Mitchell Carr in 2nd clocking 22:25.628, Brodie Waters 3rd at 22:28.024 and Josh Hook 4th with a time of 22:29.480. Mitch had to work hard to move from 6th to 2nd in trying conditions and he is credited with setting the fastest lap time.

The track had dried before the start of the second race but teams looked nervously to the sky as dark clouds moved in however, the rain never arrived with the race run on a dry track. With no practice time on a dry tack the InsureMyRide Triumph team was at a setup disadvantage as all the factory teams had tested in the dry on the new track surface.  

The race started only to be red flagged after Mike Jones crashed on turn one. Mike was OK and the race was restarted.  Mitchell Carr got away to a strong start moving from 4th to 2nd in the first sector and was catching Glenn Scott. On turn five of lap two Mitch pushing too hard clipped a damp part of the track and lost the front end and crashed out, which moved Josh Hook into 2nd followed by Brodie Waters. Brodie went on to pass Josh Hook and was challenging Glenn Scott for the lead on lap 9.  At the start of lap 10 and into turn 1 Glenn lost the front end and slid in to the path of Brodie resulting in both riders crashing out. The race was stopped and declared half points. There was a steward’s inquiry and Brodie Waters was awarded the win, 2nd Josh Hook, 3rd Chris Quinn.

The half points allotment to the series from the race enabled Mitch to maintain his lead in the championship. We now have to do some hard work to make sure we can stay at the front for the next 2 rounds.

It was good to see Cliff from Triumph Australia, at the track and his help in the pits was much appreciated.

All at the AARK Racing/InsureMyRide race team wish Glen well and a speedy recovery from his injuries.

The ASBK Supersport standings after Round 3 are:

1st     35   Mitchell Carr        103.5

2nd    34   Josh Hook             99.0

3rd    25   Brodie Waters        91.0

4th     68   Glenn Scott           89.0

5th     82   Chris Quinn           77.5

6th     57   Levi Day               66.0

7th     77   Adam Senior         60.5

8th     16   Christan Casella     49.5

9th     68   Mitch Levy             39.5

10th   58   Anthony Quinn       37.5

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