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Formula FX - QLD Raceway - Round 3

AARK Racing

FX Superbikes Round 3

FX Superbikes Round 3

FX Superbikes Round 3

The Aark Racing InsureMyRide Triumph team is competing in the Formula Oz class, which consists of suberbike and supersport class machines.

The team arrived with the bikes on Thursday afternoon,to set up the pit garage. Work started on fitting a new Motec wiring loom to the WSS spec bike and we finished work at 7pm with some finishing touches to do in the morning.

Friday was a free practice day. The weather could not have been better with the temp reaching 21C. Middy rode the ASBK bike for the first three sessions while Mike and Glen worked on setting up the Motec system on the WSS bike. Middy’s best time on the ASBK bike was 1:13.5. By mid afternoon the WSS bike was ready for the remaining two sessions, and Middy posted a time of 1:12.5 in the final practice session.

We awoke to a sunny Saturday. The program for the day was a qualifying session followed by three 8 lap races. Middy went out on the WSS bike for qualifying and put in a time of 1:13.839 before pulling in for setup changes, but unfortunately the bike would not restart due to heat soak affecting the temperature sensor. With only minutes to run in the qualifying session the bike was taken back to the pit garage to correct the mapping issue with the Motec system. Middy qualified 1st in the Supersport category and 10th in a field of supersport and superbikes.

Middy started on the third row for Race 1 and by turn one had moved from 10th to 6th and held that position for the rest of the race. Middy had a frustrating race as he was clearly faster through the turns than Aaron Morris who was ahead of him on a Kawasaki ZX10R, but the Triumph could not match the straight line speed of the ZX10R. Cru Halliday won the race on an R1 followed by Ben Henry on a GSXR 1000 with Chris Trounson 3rd on a CBR 1000, Aaron was 4th and Mitchell Carr 5th. Following the race the Motec data was downloaded, analysed and mapping settings changed This was to be the procedure after each race.

Race 2 started well and Middy was holding 5th position on lap six of the eight lap race. There is an old saying that you race until you see the chequered flag. With two laps to go the final lapboard was shown and the flag waved indicating the final lap. Middy crossed the line in 5th position and continued round in 3rd gear to cool the bike down, unaware that it was in fact the final lap. He managed to finish 10th as he was not the only one to think the race was over.

Middy got a good start in Race 3 but soon got swallowed up by the supebikes down the back straight but remained in touch with the leading group. Cru Halliday’s WSBK R1 led the field with the following five riders contesting the second position, which assisted Middy in moving on to the back of the 5th placed rider. Half way through the race Ben Henry high-sided in turn three putting Middy up to fourth position. Middy held onto 4th position finishing 0.5 sec ahead of Sam Heath onboard an Aprillia RSV4 1000. The race winner was Cu Halliday, 2nd was Chris Trounson followed by Phil Lovett on a Kawasaki ZX10R .

To put Middy’s ride into context, in a race in which he finished fourth, the nearest supersport bike finished 11th , 26 seconds behind the Aark Racing InsureMyRide Triumph Daytona. With the racing finished for the day it was time to prepare the bike for tomorrow’s events.

Sunday started sunny but clouds moved in by mid afternoon. The racing format for the day was the same as Saturday’s. Three laps into qualifying the clutch failed on the WSS bike requiring Middy to pit and change to the ASBK bike. With qualifying time running out Middy put in a flying lap to record a time of 1:12.67, placing him 6th in qualifying and on the second row of the start grid.

Middy got of to a good start in Race 1 moving from 6th to 4th but again the power of the superbikes saw Middy slip back to 6th. There was no challenge to the InsureMyRide Triumph in the supersport class, which Middy went on to win by 16 sec. The results of race 1 were Cru Halliday with a time of 9:28.950, 2nd Aaron Morris with a time of 9:47.120, 3rd Phil Lovett with a time of 9:47.255, 4th Chris Trounson with a time of 9:48.045, 5th Richie Leech with a time of 9:48.331, 6th Mitchell Carr with a time of 9:51.072. Middy’s fastest lap was 1:12.701.

Middy had another good start in Race 2, lying in 3rd position coming out of turn two and by turn four he had moved to 4th position. On a track that favoured the superbikes Middy fought hard to maintain his position despite being held up through every turn by the superbikes. Middy went on to finish 5th behind the R1 of Cru Halliday(1st), CBR 1000 of Chris Trounson(2nd), ZX10R of Aaron Morris (3rd), ZX10R of Phil Lovett (4th). Middy’s best time was 1:12.256. Middy won the supersport class by 15 sec.

Race 3 was the closest race of the meeting for the 2nd position. The changes to the engine mapping were working as Middy was loosing less time to the superbikes down the back straight. As the race went on Middy was gaining on CBR1000 of Chris Trounson, who was lying in 4th place. On the penultimate lap Middy was on the tail of Chris. No one could match Cru Halliday’s R1 who was 9 sec ahead of the second placed rider. The gap between 2nd and 5th was 0.8 sec going into turn four on the last lap. Coming out of the last turn Middy was level with Chris Trounson but was beaten to the flag by the power of CBR 1000. Cru Halliday won the race with a time of 9:32.882, 2nd was Aaron Morris with a time of 9:42.166, 3rd was Phil Lovett with a time of 9:42.385, 4th was Chris Trounson with a time of 9:42.806, 5th was Mitchell Carr with a time of 9:42.963. Middy’s fastest lap was 1:11.787. Middy won the supersport class by 19 sec.

Only two other riders in Race 3 beat middy’s lap of 1:11.787, which is a worthy achievement when you take into consideration he was riding on Dunlop GPA tyres and was competing against superbikes on slicks. The Aark Racing InsureMyRide Triumph team finished 4th for the meeting and was 1st in the supersport class. Ken from Dunlop tyres confirmed that the time of 1:11.787 was the fastest lap time ever on GPA’s at Qld Raceway.

The team is looking forward to ASBK Round 6 ASBK at Phillip Island on 7-19 August…….see you at the track.

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