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ASBK Rnd 6 – Phillip Island

ABSK R6 InsureMyRide

ABSK R6 InsureMyRide

ABSK R6 InsureMyRide

Friday morning free practice started wet but with a chill wind blowing the track was soon dry.  Our first lap of the session was 1:43.2. and by the 5th lap Mitch was lapping at 1:39.0.  There were two off’s at the Hayshed with the second one resulting in a red flag.  At the end of the first session Mitch was in 2nd position behind Brodie Waters.  The second free practice was marred by accidents at the Hayshed with Senior, Scott, Clark and Mitch all coming off.   Brodie Waters set the fastest time of 1:38.079, Mitch was 2nd with a time of 1:38.544 and Josh Hooks 3rd with a time of 1:39.089.  The team worked late preparing the bikes for Saturday’s qualifying sessions. 

Saturday’s first qualifying session was run in dry cold conditions with a track temperature of 9C, which was 3C cooler than yesterday’s. The InsureMyRide Triumph Daytona 675R started the session on a new set of tyres.  Middy completed seven laps and posted a time of 1:38.509, which was not beaten until the 10th and last lap of the session when Josh Hook put in a time of 1:38.212. 

The rain arrived for the second qualifying session and all the riders’ times were down on the first qualifying session.  Middy completed 4 laps in the wet and posted a time of 1:55.409 for the session.  Josh Hook was the fastest in the wet and posted a time of 1:51.488.  The combined qualifying results were Josh Hook on pole with a time of 1:38.213, 2nd Mitch Carr 1:38.509, 3rd Brodie Waters 1:38.778, 4th Chris Quinn 1:40.004, 5th Levi Day 1:40.265, 6th Brendan Clark 1:40.607, 7th Glenn Scott1:41.267, 8th Adam Senior 1:42.987, 9th Mitch Levy 1:43.597, 10thth  James Hoogenboezem 1:47.043. 

Due to rain there was no Superpole and Josh Hook was awarded one point for finishing on pole.  Honda had reduced our lead by one point but were now on their second set of control tyres.  We put in a protest re the timing of the end of the first practise session.  Our timing indicated an overrun of the qualifying session, which favoured Josh Hook on his last lap, but after sitting down with the clerk of the course it was agreed that there was no error.

Sunday morning started sunny but cold with a track temperature of 10C.  The first Supersport 12 lap race was run at 11:30 with Hook, Carr and Waters on the front row.  Mitch got off to a poor start and was lying 4th behind Levi Day with a gap beginning to open up behind Hook and Waters, the 1st and 2nd placed riders.  Mitch passed Levi on the first lap and was gaining on the frontrunners by 0.4 sec a lap.  Lap 4 saw Mitch set his fastest lap of the race with a time of 1:37.986.  On lap 5 the InsureMyRide Triumph 675R passed Josh Hook to move in to 2nd position, behind Brodie Waters who was leading the race. On lap 7 Mitch moved in to the lead but was unable to break away from Brodie Waters.  The racing was close with the gap never more than 0.23 sec between Carr and Waters, Hook was a further 0.3 sec behind Waters.  The racing was hard and fair when Waters used the gap left by Middy to gain the lead on lap 11.  Going into the last lap it was Waters, Carr -0.016 sec, Hook -0.481, and it was to stay that close all the way to the finishing line.   Brodie Waters crossed the line first, 2nd Mitchell Carr (-0.079 sec),  3rd Josh Hook (-0.099sec), 4th Glenn Scott (-15.741 sec), 5th Brendan Clark, 6th Levi Day, 7th Mitch Levy, 8th Adam Senior, 9th James Hoogenboezen.

The sun continued to shine and the track temperature had risen to 19C for the start of race 2 at 2:45pm.   Mitch got a much better start and slotted in to 2nd position behind Josh Hook with Brodie Waters 3rd.  There was less than 0.2 sec separating the top three riders for the next 8 laps.  Mitch lead on lap 2 but was to drop to 3rd on the following lap when Josh Hook took the lead and Brodie Waters moved up 2nd position. As they crossed the line on lap 7 it was Hook, Carr, Waters.   Mitch set the fastest lap for the race 1:37.444 on lap 7.  On lap 8 it was Carr, Hook, Waters and it stayed that way up until the last lap.  At the start of the last lap there was only 0.131 sec separating the first three riders.  With nothing separating the riders it was now down to split second decisions on opportunities, and Brodie Waters took that opportunity and crossed the line ahead of Josh Hook (2nd ) and Mitchell Carr (3rd ). The winning margin between 1st and 2nd was 0.13 sec.  and between 2nd and 3rd 0.001 sec.  Chris Quinn finished 4th (-11.368 sec), 5th Glenn Scott, 6th Brendan Clarke, 7th Levi Day, 8th Adam Senior, 9th James Hoogenboezem.  Brodie Waters won the round, Josh Hook was second and Mitchell Carr third.

With one round to go in the competition, the InsureMyRide Aark Racing Triumph team’s lead had been cut to half a point. Given the closeness of the championship Andy went to view the photo finish of the final race, but unfortunately there was no photo, the first race of the series where a photo of the finish was not available.

The final round is at Queensland Raceway on 16th September and with the championship so close the racing should be well worth the trip to the track.

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