WHEEL-SKILLS offer Rider Training & RTA Rider Training provided by fully licensed and motivated instructors, in locations across NSW.

A skilled rider possesses advanced motor co-ordination skills. Being a defensive rider and riding low-risk means identifying risks and taking the necessary steps to reduce them. This can be achieved with training using the WHEEL-SKILLS systematic approach.


Learner Course Graduates


Your Learner Certificate of Competence is only valid for 3 months - you must obtain your Learner License within 3 months of completing the Learner course.


Graduates of the Learner course are required to pass an eyesight and knowledge test and pay a Licence fee prior to being issued with a Learner Licence.


Your Learner Licence is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. You must have held your Learner’s Licence for 3 months before enrolling in the Provisional course.

If you fail to complete the Pre-Provisional course within 12 months of obtaining your Learner Licence, you will have to repeat the Pre-Learner course at your own expense.

Learner riders are restricted to motorcycles with an engine capacity and a power-to-weight ratio of no more than 660ml and 150kW per tonne. Check the registration label and look for the COND LA endorsement to ensure it is a Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAM). A list of LAM’s is also provided on the RTA website.

Learner riders are restricted to a maximum road speed of 80 km/h and a zero blood/alcohol limit.

Graduates are urged to practice riding skills because the skill level required to pass the Pre-Provisional course is much higher than the Learner standard. You must develop your riding skills to Pre-Provisional standard BEFORE you present for the Provisional course.

PRACTICE IS THE KEY. Private training is available to assist you in achieving these skills - call the WHEEL-SKILLS office nearest to you for advice.

Intermediate Course


WHEEL-SKILLS can assist you to prepare for the RTA Pre-Provisional Rider Training course, which is your next level of compulsory training.

WHEEL-SKILLS  offer an INTERMEDIATE RIDER TRAINING COURSE which has been specifically structured to address the skills that are required to pass the Pre-Provisional course; including the development of your slow-speed manoeuvring, braking and on-road riding.

The INTERMEDIATE COURSE is an additional service provided by WHEEL-SKILLS and is not a part of the RTA Compulsory Rider Training Scheme.

The INTERMEDIATE COURSE is structured to cater for up to 3 Trainees at one time and can be arranged by contacting your nearest Wheel-Skills office.

Refresher & Advanced Rider Training courses are also available. These courses are very popular so please BOOK EARLY.


Provisional Course



YOUR RIDING STANDARD is sufficient and you have adequate riding practice before you attend the Pre-Provisional course. The riding standard is higher than that of the Learner course and if your skills are not sufficient, you may be stopped from riding during the course. If you need additional practice or assistance, consider booking an Intermediate course before enrolling in the Pre-Provisional Course.


YOUR BIKE HIRE BOOKING is made early if you wish to hire a bike from WHEEL-SKILLS to use during the Provisional course. Limited numbers are available.


YOUR MOTORCYCLE The bike you intend using for the Pre-Provisional course must be fully roadworthy and registered before you arrive for training.




- 2 rear vision mirrors fitted.

- Chain guard fitted.

- Chain correctly tensioned.

- Road legal tyres with a minimum tread depth of 1.5 mm.

- Correct inflation pressure in both tyres.

- Legal and compliant exhaust system.

- Current registration label fitted and correctly displayed.

- Fully operational indicators on all bikes manufactured after 1st January 1979.

- Fully operational brake lamp.

- Unbroken clutch and brake levers.


YOUR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING IS APPROPRIATE and should include sturdy footwear, gloves, jacket and an AS1698 approved safety helmet. The Approval sticker needs to be affixed to the outer shell of the helmet.


YOU HAVE YOUR CURRENT LEARNER LICENCE with you and an approved ‘L’ plate correctly displayed on the rear of the bike.


Bike Hire


If you would prefer to use a WHEEL-SKILLS bike to attend any of the following courses, we have suitable Learner Approved Motorcycles available for hire.  These motorcycles should be booked with WHEEL-SKILLS as soon as possible after making your course booking to ensure availability on the day.


Contact Us



Ph: (02) 6628 7150. Email: gt@wheel-skills.com.au



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