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Yamaha Warns of Chinese Imports

Following a warning issued by the South Australian government about a SA-based importer of Chinese mini bikes, ATVs and buggies, Yamaha Australia has called for consumers to consider the purchase of such imports with extreme caution.

According to a media release from the Government of South Australia's Office of Consumer and Business Affairs, the Three Amigos Outdoor Gurus state on their invoices "illegal warranty conditions" such as: "All repairs are the responsibility of the owner", and "I bought this as a non working product. It is faulty and incomplete. I will perform or pay for all labour, skills, diagnostics and items necessary to use this product".

South Australia's Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Mark Bodycoat, said the conditions failed to comply with legislation regarding warranty. "Three Amigos has ignored its legal obligations and appears to be continuing with unfair trading practices, which is why I am now issuing a public warning to consumers not to deal with the company," he said.

In advertising a model known as a PY50, the firm's website states: "Just like the Yamaha, only affordable!" – a statement that has angered Yamaha. According to a press release from Yamaha titled "Beware Chinese Bikes and Importers", when it comes to some of these imports, the maxim of 'buyer beware' should be kept well and truly in mind.

"Yamaha Motor Australia's national dealer network has the ability to service Yamaha's entire product range and supply parts for any model without delay," the release states. "All Yamaha motorcycles and ATVs are sold with a meaningful warranty that is backed up when necessary," it continues.

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