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Open it up - Dubbo Race Report

Australian Supercross Championships

Australian Supercross Championships

Australian Supercross Championships

With a strong crowd size congregating at Dubbo’s Morris Park Speedway to pay homage to their metal gods, defending champion Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jay Marmont didn’t disappoint.

Heat One

Marmont took the holeshot despite the best efforts of CRD Yamaha’s Daniel McCoy, who managed to apply some early pressure. Campbell Mining / Troy LeeDesign / Maxima / Honda’s Jake Moss had a shocker of a start, hitting the finish line jump at the end of lap one in last place. As the race progressed, Marmont was able to extend his lead, with McCoy also creating a comfortable eight second buffer from DPH Motorsport Honda’s Cheyne Boyd. Boyd also looked strong, holding down a solid third from Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Billy Mackenzie. That was the finishing order, with Moss making his way up to fifth by race end. Marmont definitely looked the goods, taking the heat win by seven seconds.

Heat Two

New Motul Pirelli Suzuki recruit, Matt Moss immediately showed the pack that a change of bike brand had not slowed him down in the slightest. He grabbed the holeshot from Red Bull Mobile Honda Simmonds Race Team, Tye Simmonds, and that was as close as the race ever got. Moss checked out early and was clearly the fastest guy on the track. This was confirmed by the best lap time of both heats (54.39). Simmonds was also able to gain a nice lead over Carlton Dry Thor Honda’s Ben Townley and the battle for the final podium position was easily the best of the heat. It was lucky that Townley and Ford Dale shared the same coloured plastic, because the Carlton Dry Thor Honda team mates had a ding dong battle. Not to be left out, Motul Pirelli Suzuki’s Todd Waters and fastest qualifier, CDR Yamaha’s Lawson Bopping were also looking for a piece of the action. Dale was able to make the pass on Townley stick on lap four and went about chasing Simmonds. Waters began to pressure Townley, with Bopping also in hot pursuit. The New Zelander eventually bobbled through the whoops, with the small error relegating him from fourth to sixth in one foul swoop. Townley definitely didn’t look in his best form and from there he couldn’t maintain contact with the Bopping. Moss looked really strong and looked more than ready to step it up again in the final.

Main Event

Matt Moss claimed a clear holeshot, but his race would end by the second corner. In an unfortunate incident, Billy Mackenzie swapped out, taking Moss out and halting Ben Townley’s forward progress. As Moss got back to his feet in last place, I think parents would have been blocking their children’s ears in case they could hear Moss over the noise. His body language said it all- disappointment and extreme frustration rolled into one. Holding his arm in place, it was clear there was a wrist, shoulder or collar bone injury, forcing him out of the race. Ford Dale and Lawson Bopping also suffered from the incident, struggling at the tail end of the pack The pair finished the first lap in 13th and 15th place respectively.

The clear winner of the mêlée was Daniel McCoy, would managed to take the lead from Jay Marmont, Tye Simmonds and Todd Waters., with Jake Moss rounding out the top five. McCoy was doing his best to build a gap, but Marmont was having none of it. In particular, there was one rhythm section in the middle of the track that Marmont was able to triple and get right on McCoy’s back wheel. Townley started to pick up a few places, but lost control of his CRF 450 in the whoops and went down. He remounted but left the track a few laps latter. As Mackenzie and Bopping started to put on a charge and move their way up the pack, Dale struggled to keep things together. Pushing hard, he went down on lap eight, tweaking his knee and ankle. He tried to keep going but eventually called it a day, leaving the Carlton Dry Thor Honda team out of the race.

Jake Moss made short work of Waters and began pressuring Simmonds for a spot on the podium. It took quite a few laps, but by lap twelve Moss was able to get by and started to build a comfortable buffer. At around the same time, McCoy eventually surrendered to the relentless pressure from Marmont and despite his best efforts with one aggressive re-pass, he couldn’t keep Marmont from the number one position. On lap 17, Bopping was able to pass Simmonds for fourth place, but with time running out, he would end up one place short of the podium.

At the end of 20 laps, Marmont took a convincing and well deserved win from McCoy, who finished a solid second. Jake Moss also showed the will and determination to run at the front, finishing an excellent third aboard his privateer Honda.

Like all races, there will be the ‘what if’s’. I was left wondering, what if Matt Moss didn’t get taken out, what if Bopping got a better start and will Townley and Dale be able to bounce back? I guess we will have to wait for Phillip Islandto find out!

1. 1 Jay MARMONT (NSW)
2. 65 Daniel McCOY (NSW)
3. 6 Jake MOSS (QLD)
4. 70 Lawson BOPPING (NSW)
5. 42 Tye SIMMONDS (NSW)
6. 47 Todd WATERS (QLD)
7. 211 Billy MACKENZIE (QLD)
8. 4 Cheyne BOYD (VIC)
9. 37 Jacob WRIGHT (QLD)
10. 44 Sam DUNCANSON (QLD)
11. 100 Craig ANDERSON (NSW)
12. 34 Matt HAWORTH (QLD)
13. 113 Luke WILSON (QLD)
14. 9 Nathan BROCHTRUP (NSW)
15. 151 Jason REED (QLD)
16. 200 Nicholas GECK (QLD)
DNF. 41 Ford DALE (QLD)
DNF. 87 Brodie HARTIN (NSW)
DNF. 102 Matt MOSS (NSW)

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