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Launched in 2007, online motorcycle insurance specialist InsureMyRide has struck a chord with Aussie riders, ruffling plenty of feathers among the established order in the process...

With adverts that tell it like it is in just about every Aussie bike magazine you care to mention and a presence at the three biggest bike shows in the country, InsureMyRide is flying the flag for bike riders across Australia.

InsureMyRide provides really cost effective, easy to use online motorcycle insurance while taking on the old establishment. Based on their success, they're putting plenty of noses out of joint as a result.

But when it comes to insurance, the fact of the matter is until now, Aussie riders have been treated as something of an afterthought. Traditional offerings have comprised little more than re-badged car insurance, or have come from companies that look after a diverse spread of general insurance products.

Until InsureMyRide came along the market was monopolised by one or two companies, which left Aussie riders with little choice but to accept cover which didn't necessarily suit their needs.

The time was ripe for an insurance company that truly understood what riders wanted, and recognised the diversity among riders themselves - from scooters to sportsbikes or tourers to dirt bikes.

That's why InsureMyRide, which entered the marketplace in March of last year, has been kicking goals ever since. InsureMyRide is staffed by dedicated riders Ð people who have ridden all manner of road bikes, dirt bikes and scooters over the years.

They truly know what it's like to live life on two wheels.

Luke Smith, who heads up InsureMyRide's team of underwriters, is a daily motorcycle commuter and former enduro racer. He says the specialist company is growing exponentially and has consistently been outstripping its own projections since its website went 'live' about a year ago.

"According to the feedback we've received at the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane motorcycle shows, as the new kid on the block, InsureMyRide has been accepted as a breath of fresh air by the biking community," he says.

"We're a dedicated motorcycle-only insurer, and I think that's a key part of InsureMyRide's attraction we walk the talk. We know what riders want in their policy, and exclude what they don't. This flexibility in tailoring a policy to suit a rider's needs and budget has proved to be a big hit," Luke says.

"We're also the only bike insurer whose website features a stack of pertinent motorcycle info that includes bike reviews and great rides. Believe me, the team here love riding just as much as our customers do," he adds.

Key to InsureMyRide's popularity is its simplicity. Product Disclosure Statements are usually weighty tomes of 'legalese', which mean little to anyone outside the insurance game. Not so at IMR, where it's already been translated into everyday English. This includes clear information on what's covered and what's not.

Riders can choose from three basic levels of cover third party property, theft or comprehensive but then you can 'bolt on' added cover, as you need it. For example, when you've blinged up your sportsbike with a hot pipe, or you've thrown some extra shiny bits on your cruiser.

The choice of covering your riding gear or personal items is another winner. We all know how expensive a new set of leathers or a new helmet can be, and throwing an MP3 player down the road isn't cheap either.

"The really great thing here is that InsureMyRide you can tailor your amount of cover, and we'll adjust your premium accordingly. One major insurer automatically gives its customers $4000-worth of cover for riding gear, but why would you pay for that if you ride a Harley and you only need cover for an open-face lid and a jacket?" says Luke.

"With our policy, you can buy cover for up to $5000-worth of riding gear in $1000 blocks, with a single item limit of $2000. And you can get cover for your personal belongings up to $2000 - with a single item limit of $1000. So if you're riding down from Sydney to the MotoGP at Phillip Island, you can cover all that camping gear on the back of the bike," he adds.

Of course, a flexible policy is worth nothing if the premium isn't right, and that's another area where InsureMyRide's policies have been putting plenty of smiles on plenty of faces.

"Our pricing is incredibly competitive because we're a web-focused company and we only accept payment by credit card. Because of this we've managed to reduce our costs, and we've passed those savings onto the customer," says Luke.

"Our aggressive pricing even prompted one of our competitors to tell its customers it would match our price come renewal time Ð how fair dinkum is that?

We say our first price is our best price, and judging by our growth it certainly looks like we've been hitting the mark," he adds.

Of course we all know that many an insurance company will promise the earth to get you to sign the dotted line, only to fall down when it comes time to make a claim the proof of the pudding is in the eating, right?

Greg, a 37-year-old Honda CBR600F4i rider, put IMR to the test recently when an industrial vat of glue came off the back of a passing ute in Sydney, causing extensive damage to his bike.

"InsureMyRide had the bike transported (at their cost) to a local repairer. Then, after an assessment, they gave the go ahead for it to be repaired Ð about a week-and-a-half later the bike was fixed and ready to go. InsureMyRide made it as easy as possible for me. They were always up front and on the ball, and they gave me very friendly, personal service," he adds.

Jim, from Brisbane, also sampled IMR's claims service when his Yamaha Thundercat went down on a patch of oil on a wooden bridge in North Eastern NSW.

"It did a fair bit of damage, because the bolts in the bridge's planks ripped the aftermarket can off and made a real mess," says Jim. Fortunately Jim had InsureMyRide cover, which also covered his exhaust pipe, his damaged Kevlar jeans and his scraped helmet.

"I called IMR on the Monday and they were great. They paid to have the bike transported to a local repairer, and the decision was then made to write it off.

I decided to buy the wreck and fix it up, as the damage was largely cosmetic. InsureMyRide promptly paid me out, less the cost of salvage for the bike itself," says Jim.

"In short, InsureMyRide was excellent in fact I've just reinsured two more bikes with them," he adds.

That's just two instances among many. Luke Smith says that all claimants are asked to fill out a customer survey form after their claim to help InsureMyRide keep its customer satisfaction sky high.

So if you're fed up with being treated like a second class citizen by your insurer, or you've never had bike insurance because you never thought it was worth the expense, take a couple of minutes to find out what InsureMyRide can offer.

Check out InsureMyRide's website for yourself at, and join the growing ranks of riders who are choosing an insurer that knows what life on two wheels is all about.

InsureMyRide, specialist in Bike and Motorcycle Insurance, for road bikes, sports bikes, scooters, nakeds and classic bikes. Motorcycle Insurance is issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 AFSL 230859 trading as InsureMyRide. Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance is issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading as GIO Insurance. Registered Office, Level 28, 266 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000. InsureMyRide is a brand of AAI Limited. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement before buying this insurance and consider whether it is right for you.